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Way Out There Custom Trip

Way Out There Custom Trip

Trip Description

Self-support kayak expedition on the Shishged Gol.

An option for September is a self-support kayak expedition on the lower Shishged Gol. This river drains the Darkhad Depression, an ancient glacial lakebed that is home to the Tsaatan Tribe, nomads living a traditional shamanist culture and famous for the close relationship they share with the reindeer herds they rely on to live.


After flying From UB to Murun in Northern Mongolia, we still have an adventurous 12 hour jeep ride to reach the put-in the next day which is about 40 km upstream from the town of Tsagaannuur. We’ll warm up with a one-night self-support trip along the meandering upper Shishged Gol before it empties into the lake, which we paddle roughly 10 km across to reach town and our support.

From this point on we will travel by reindeer, horse or boat. Our goal is to descend the lower Shishged Gol Canyon as far as we can go...!!! After we launch on the lower Shishged Gol at the outlet of the lake, there is a track along the river leading to a few scattered Ger camps 20 – 30 km downstream, and then there is nothing but glorious wilderness for the next 70 kilometers or so until the Mongolian frontier with Russia, where there is still nothing! This part of our expedition will require special permission from the Border Police, and an invitation and ground support from the local Tsaatan people who will help us pack all our expedition gear out of the woods- we can’t cross the Russian Border.

It will take us several days of hard trekking to return to Tsagaannuur. From there we’ll return to Murun by jeep, and then catch a flight back to UB, and eventually home. This is a very remote wilderness expedition awaiting experienced paddlers. For anyone who is ready and able to go, this will be an extraordinary adventure- come prepared!

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Region: Khovsgol
Dates: September
Trip Length: 15-20 days
Rapids Class: III
Cost: $4500 per person *

* 4 person minimum.

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USA (Sep - May): +1 928 714 7070
Mongolia (Jun - Aug): 976 9950 1685
skype: mongoliariver1

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