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About Us

About Mongolia River Adventures

Mongolia River Adventures (MRA) is the only adventure tour company specifically dedicated to the pursuit of river running throughout the isolated, rugged landscapes of Mongolia. We specialize in exploring and introducing people to remote and exciting rivers in this diverse land, and we can tailor a trip for any combination of whitewater, fishing, fantastic scenery, hiking, cultural exchange, archaeology, and much more.

Our mission is to provide a safe and fun adventure for our guests, rafting and kayaking Mongolian rivers, experiencing some of the most pristine wilderness areas nature has to offer, and exploring an amazing place in a culturally and environmentally respectful manner. Company priorities include supporting healthy riparian environments, and respecting local Mongolian culture and community. Also committed to training Mongolian river guides to work on their own rivers, MRA conducts Basic Raft Guide Training for promising Mongolian guides and promotes continued training for them when appropriate on our expeditions.”

About Us

Mongolia River Adventures was founded by Pat Phillips, A professional and international river guide with over 20 years of experience working and playing on rivers around the world. A nomadic raft guide for many years, Pat has whitewater rafted and kayaked many different river environments in Central and South America, as well as Nepal, New Zealand, China, Mongolia and the U.S. Pat recognized the river running potential of Mongolia while on a cross-country motorcycle journey there in 2007.

He returned next with his kayak, and in subsequent years has continued exploring and scouting promising rivers and streams throughout Mongolia’s vast expanse, while perfecting the logistics necessary to experience the best river adventures in Mongolia. In addition to many years of river guiding experience, Pat has a Master’s Degree in river ecology, which strengthens his advocacy for Mongolian rivers increasingly impacted by mining and development. When not in Mongolia during the summer season, Pat continues to lead multi-week Grand Canyon whitewater rafting expeditions in the spring and fall, and wintering over at home in Flagstaff.

Eric Baade was born in the American southwest and has dedicated the last decade of his life to exploring and working on white-water rivers in North America. His kayaking and rafting experience is extensive and diverse, from video-kayaking to class V paddle boat guiding. An avid international traveler and adventurer, he enjoys guiding people on rivers wherever he can find them. Recent years have found Eric leading multi week river trips in Grand Canyon National Park, and living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A natural philosopher, Eric’s perspective on life and Mongolia enrich every situation.

In 2012, after several years of close association, Mongolia River Adventures joined forces with Tour Mongolia, and Explore Altai, both industry leaders in Mongolian Tourism with nearly 30 years of combined tour operator experience. Sustainable tourism practices, and environmental and cultural respect and preservation are touchstones of these companies.

Active & Adventure Tours Mongolia

Office: Door #102, Macro Center Bldg 7/1, Erkhuu Street, Sukhbaatar district Ulaanbaatar 14190 Mongolia
Postal Address: P.O.B - 166, Ulaanbaatar-15160 Mongolia
phone: (976)-11-354662 Fax.: (976)-11-354663

This special company has more than 12 years of experience operating well-coordinated tour programs covering various active themes such as Historic, Nomadic, Cultural, Ecological, and Adventure Sports. Tour Mongolia conducts sustainable community based tour operations involving indigenous nomad people, while actively supporting carbon reduction, going green, mitigating environmental impacts from tourism activities, and protecting fragile Mongolian ecologies.

Tour Mongolia employs 12 permanent staff full time, and swells to 120-150 employees throughout the country during the main season from May to November. These valuable professionals comprise an extensive network operating across the country made up of many different stakeholders such as nomadic communities, multilingual guides, tourist camps, transportation providers, restaurants, hoteliers, and other entertainment and leisure enterprises. Friendly and experienced staff and guides enhance your visit to Mongolia, and substantial knowledge and experience combined with progressive ideas and efficient operation ensure Tour Mongolia as a recognized leader in the Mongolian tourist industry.

Explore Great Altai Tours and Expeditions

PO Box-171, Ulgii, Bayan-Ulgii, Mongolia
Mobile: (+976)9906 3539, 9301 1450

EXPLORE ALTAI’s team consists of experienced individuals from different walks of life, all sharing a passion for travel to out-of-the-way places. This passion is reflected in expert local knowledge, excellent organization skills, and ability to customize any trip.

Based in Ulaanbaatar, Explore Altai offers a wide variety of activities for groups of all sizes, including trekking, mountaineering, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, and jeep and horse riding tours. New challenges have always thrilled us, and we enjoy organizing any specialized activities such as camel riding, bird watching, wild-life watching safari, and logistics support for film and media companies.

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"It was an awesome trip. Spectacularly beautiful place…

Thank you so much for an unforgettable trip and for all the work you put into making it what it was for both my mother and myself. It was great to have met you, and the others on the trip; I enjoyed every mile down the river, the easy company and the evening walks."

Vivienne Williams - South Africa

"Thank you so much for a fantastic 3 days on the river earlier this month. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed witnessing Mongolian geography devoid of other people. The Orkhon Canyon is an amazing place. If you find other exciting rivers please tell me so I can at least daydream until my next trip."

Michael Houstoun - U.K.

"My July '12 trip on the Orkhon (sp?) River was a once in a lifetime expedition I would love to do again and again. Add to the fact that this rafting trip occurred in the pristine wilderness of Mongolia and it made the experience all the richer. From navigating the road-less grasslands and wildlife-friendly canyon rivers, to sharing his wealth of knowledge of local customs and fauna, Pat Phillips helped make my Mongolian river adventure an unforgettable story I can't wait to share around future campfires."

Scott Allen, Hong Kong

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