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Expect a Mongolian travel adventure, experiencing Mother Nature in all her moods. Expect a changing and fluid environment, where things beyond our control may influence the schedule or our activities. Through it all, expect your guides to exhibit sound decision making in regards to health and safety, cultural and environmental sensitivity, and the overall trip experience (fun!). Expect to return home with memories and stories to last a lifetime.

Before the Trip

Expect to receive quality customer service from our office, answering your questions, communicating pre-trip information, and advising you with your other travel arrangements prior to your departure. You will need a passport to enter Mongolia, visa requirements vary by nationality. For more info visit:

When you Arrive

Depending on the arrangements included for your trip, you will be met at the airport by an MRA guide or an English speaking Mongolian guide who will escort you to your hotel in Ulaan Bataar (UB), a busy and quite modern capital city. Once there, you can recover from the expected jetlag and culture shock at a comfortable hotel. Meals will be arranged by MRA and a knowledgeable Mongolian guide/translator will be available to ease the language barrier and provide valuable assistance with cultural interpretation, sightseeing, dining, etc…

On the Expedition

Remember, you’re on an expedition. This means that no day’s plans are written in stone. Expect dirt roads, swollen rivers, good food, beautiful landscapes, and generous nomads.

Expect to eat hot, delicious meals prepared in our fully equipped expedition kitchen tent, while seated at a table and chairs in our sturdy dining tent. Typical days will start with tea and coffee at 7 am, followed by breakfast within an hour. Lunches will either be made fresh, or packed in the morning on most hiking and river days. Between meals, snacks will be available.

Expect weather. Be prepared for conditions to be warm at times, chilly at others, but most of the time expect Mongolia to live up to its name as ‘The Land of Blue Sky.’ Keep in mind that summer is the rainy season in Central Mongolia. Count on sleeping in a warm sleeping bag on a comfortable air pad in a high-quality, 3-season tent. A comfortable eco-appropriate camp toilet will also be provided at each campsite. In other words, expect good camp equipment, and know the guides and support staff will be friendly, polite, and helpful.

On the River

Expect first rate river equipment and safe, mature guiding on white-water appropriate to your abilities. Be aware of the uncertainties of snowmelt run-off, and expect Mother Nature to dictate how much water is in the river. Be ready for some rapids and some flat water. No matter what, be prepared for exquisite scenery on remote, non-commercialized, free-flowing, rivers surrounded by wildlife and Mongolian culture!!!

From your Guides

Expect your guides to guide, encourage, educate, and give you a hand if need be, but not to push you beyond your abilities. You should expect the highest standards of safety, experience, and professionalism from your guides, and rest assured they will readily share their knowledge of Mongolia’s culture and environment with you.

From the Mongolians

Expect a different culture. You will misunderstand and be misunderstood at times. Keep an open mind. You will probably notice seemingly strange cultural differences. You should observe at these times with detached amusement. Mongolia is not a service-oriented society, so expect marginal customer service on occasion. Be prepared for primitive facilities and limited infrastructure in the countryside. Expect the Mongolians to be individuals with different natures and personalities.

From Yourself

Please try to act safely and responsibly in regards to yourself, fellow expedition members, and staff. You will be asked to participate in limited camp chores such as loading and unloading vehicles and rafts, and setting up and packing your tent. Above all, expect yourself to be a human, with attendant frailties and a wide range of emotions. You can definitely expect the trip of a lifetime!


MRA will Supply:

What You will Bring:


All whitewater raft guides and safety kayakers are professional, experienced, international river guides. Our Mongolian colleagues are tour industry professionals with over a decade of experience guiding western clientele. Support staff (drivers, cooks, wranglers) are all tour industry veterans, and will be dependable and pleasant companions on our adventure.

River Gear:

All MRA boats and river gear are professional quality and all equipment meets commercial rafting standards applied worldwide. MRA uses only first rate, quality gear to ensure expeditions will not be jeopardized by unnecessary equipment failure. Rafts, inflatable kayaks, hard-shell kayaks, life jackets, paddles, safety gear, and all accessories are in excellent condition, river ready, and reliable.