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Travel to Mongolia

Travel to Mongolia

Getting To Mongolia

Mongolia is accessible by planes, trains, and automobiles. We can advise you in making your travel arrangements. We are familiar with the nuances of travel to and from Mongolia, flying with a kayak, and so on.

International airline flights arrive and depart daily from Ulaan Baatar (UB), the capital city of Mongolia. We recommend booking airline flights at least 45 days prior to trip departure. For immediate ticketing information email Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

If you travel to Mongolia overland via Russia or China, visas are required. Make sure well in advance that all of your necessary travel documents are in order. A good source of information for preparing to journey into Mongolia is the Lonely Planet website;

Travel In Mongolia

Transportation arrangements within Mongolia will be handled by MRA. All expedition members will be met by an MRA representative when arriving or departing expedition related airports in Mongolia.

Domestic air travel is necessary on some itineraries. MRA will book these seats as soon as possible once the summer flight schedule is released (March) because flights during the busy summer travel season can sell out quickly.

Overland travel in the countryside will require reliable 4-wheel drive vehicles that come equipped with experienced Mongolian drivers. We mostly go where roads are simple dirt tracks that become muddy, rutted, and bumpy as conditions warrant. Crossing the vast, raw landscape in sturdy jeeps and vans is an integral part of the adventure. Be assured the sights, experiences, and remoteness of the journey will provide you with memories to last a lifetime.