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Upper Orkhon Canyons

Upper Orkhon Canyons

Trip Description

Vehicle supported paddle raft and kayak.

Journey across the rolling countryside to explore the enchanting, picturesque upper Orkhon Gol Valley! The magical canyons and waterfalls of the upper Orkhon Gol await kayakers; mellower stretches of river await rafters. Along the way we will see Buddhist monasteries, ancient sites, and the sublime beauty of the Mongolian steppes.


Day 1: Leave Ulaan Baatar early and drive through some of Mongolia’s finest scenery. Pass historical landmarks and magical landscapes as we drive west from the capital, then follow the Orkhon Gol River upstream that afternoon. Camp near the river tonight.

Day 2: Continuing up valley in the morning, we’ll investigate ancient archaeological sites and take in waterfalls along the way. That afternoon rafters and kayakers can enjoy a mellow warm-up float on the scenic Upper Orkhon Gol (class II) above the first canyon. Kayakers ready for more action can paddle technical class IV rapids through the enchanted first canyon. Relax at another perfect camp beside the river that night.

Day 3: Enjoy kayaking and rafting through class III canyons of the upper Orkhon Gol, or raft a lower stretch of the river providing amazing vistas, bird watching, and fishing opportunities. Camp under the brilliant stars again.

Day 4: Continue your adventure deeper into the Mongolian countryside, or return back to busy civilization.

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Region: Orkhon Gol
Dates: mid-July through August
Trip Length: 4 days
Rapids Class: II - IV
Cost: $700 - $900 per person *

* Cost based on group size.

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Mongolia (Jun - Aug): 976 9950 1685
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