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South Altai Canyons

South Altai Canyons

Trip Description

Join us in the canyons and alpine valleys of southwestern Mongolia for some of Central Asia’s finest rafting and kayaking!!! Be among the first to explore the whitewater opportunities of the magnificent Bulgan River Canyon and it’s tributaries! Respectfully wander among ancient, undisturbed burial sites testifying to ancient waves of human migration that swept across this isolated part of Central Asia in days of old. Experience exotic sights, sounds, and smells, while winding deeper into the rugged Altai Mountains by land and water.

This is the territory of soaring eagles, gray wolves, endangered snow leopards, and argali (the world’s largest mountain sheep!). Immerse yourself in the local Kazakh culture and ride horseback through wild mountains for a day. Immerse yourself in the wild mountains and local nomadic culture. In the evening, you may share tea and good company with nearby herders and their families. The trip culminates in an enchanting 3-day white-water expedition through the pristine Buyant Canyon!


Day 1: Arrive UB, transport to local hotel. Rest, shop, sightsee. UB services included.

Day 2: Fly three hours from UB to Khovd in the morning. Meet our entourage at the airport, and then drive 2 hours to Khoid Tsenkheriin Agui (Northern Cave of Blue) and camp. Nearby we can explore caves sheltering some of the oldest known rock art in Central Asia. These unusual stone-age (Neolithic) paintings of animal forms are unique and believed to be more than 15,000 years old!

Day 3: Hike and scout class III Dund Tsenkher Gol, Boat it if enough water. Camp near river.

Day 4: Scout and run class III Tsenkheriin Gol. Camp at take-out.

Day 5: Drive 100 km/5-6 hours to Bulgan Gol. Camp near put-in at Turgan confluence.

Day 6: Boat class III Bulgan Gol through Urt Khisuu Canyon. Camp at take-out.

Day 7: Drive 80 km/4-5 hours to Upper Turgan Gol. Kayak class III Upper Upper Turgan Gol if appropriate. Camp in Paradise first night.

Day 8: Hike and scout Upper Turgan Gorge and Gurt Gol class IV-V. Boat Upper Turgan Gol at comfort level – class III-V. Camp in Paradise again.

Day 9: Boat Middle & Lower Turgan Gol (class III+) to Turgan/Bulgan Gol Confluence. Drive north towards Buyant Gol or camp at confluence.

Day 10: Drive 250 km/5 -6 hours north from Bulgan Gol to Buyant Gol put-in. Vehicle may need to drive upstream to cross bridge at Bulgan village. Camp at Buyant Gol Canyon put-in.

Day 11: Boat Buyant Gol Upper Canyon - 22 km class III+. Camp at Nariin Sar.

Day 12: Boat Lower Canyon - ~20 km class III. Take-out at Canyon mouth, drive 75 km/1-2 hours to Khovd. Ger stay or Hotel. Eat dinner at nice Khovd restaurant.

Day 13: Friday June 26: A relaxed morning to site-see Khovd, then fly to UB. Transfer to hotel. Last minute shopping, and a nice dinner.

Day 14: Transfers to airport, fly out of UB to next adventure!

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Region: Southern Altai
Dates: Mid-June to Early July
Trip Length: 14 days
Rapids Class: III / IV
Cost: $3100 - $4500 per person *

* Cost based on group size.

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Mongolia (Jun - Aug): 976 9950 1685
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