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Rivers and Camels

Rivers and Camels

Trip Description

Camel/self/vehicle support raft and kayak.

Explore Rivers in a remote corner of the world at the nexus of the Mongolian, Russian, and Chinese borders. Run the glacial Tsagaan Gol river as it drains the sacred ‘Tavan Bogd’ (Five Holy Peaks). Use camels to cross 10,000 ft. (3300 mtr) Takalbai Pass and put-in on the totally remote, glacial ‘Tsagaan Usnii Gol’ (white-water) river. From adventure to archaeology, wildlife to culture, this trip is unique and memorable.


UB services are not included. All R/T in-country flights are included.

Day 1: Arrive in Olgii after a morning flight from UB, rendezvous with our vans, then drive west to the wilderness of the Altai Mountains. Camp along the Tsagaan Gol tonight.

Day 2: Scout upstream and run the upper Tsagaan Gol. Race down class III white-water and navigate the braided channel while scanning the slopes above for ibex and wolves.

Day 3: Ford the Tsagaan Gol in the morning and drive to Takhilt Pass. Along the way we visit a timeless Shamanism worship site, ancient petroglyph panels, and Balbals (‘stonemen’ burial sites). Camp at the base of Takhilt Pass.

Day 4: In the morning we meet our camels and guides for the all-day, 20 km (12 mile) trek over 3133 meter (10,280 ft) Takhilt Pass. Horses and/or camels can be arranged, but some walking will be required at steep places. We will camp in the un-touched Ag Su for 2 nights to fully appreciate our remote, pristine location.

Day 5: A day for people to do as they please. Explore the valley, climb a mountainside, or just plain rest and relax around camp.

Day 6: Claim the first raft descent of the upper Tsagaan Usnii Gol! We start from camp, and after lunch hit a series of class III/IV rapids. Reuniting with our vehicles where the road ends at the mouth of an exciting gorge, we camp on the banks of the river.

Day 7: Return to Olgii by van. Stay at Ger camp and eat at restaurant in town.

Day 8: Transport to Olgii airport and fly back to UB.

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Region: Northern Altai
Dates: July
Trip Length: 8 days
Rapids Class: III / IV
Cost: $2050 - $2400 per person *

* Cost based on group size.

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