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Khovsgol River Shangri-la Expedition

Khovsgol River Shangri-la Expedition

It was an awesome trip. Spectacularly beautiful place…
Thank you so much for an unforgettable trip and for all the work you put into making it what it was for both my mother and myself. It was great to have met you, and the others on the trip; I enjoyed every mile down the river, the easy company and the evening walks.

Vivienne Williams - South Africa


Trip Description

Self-support paddle & oar raft expedition.

Late summer is the time to be river running in Khovsgol, Mongolia’s northernmost province which bulges up into the Siberian taiga ‘forest.’ The summer rains have passed, leaving the rivers cleansed and full of fish, and the water levels are once again reasonable to go way out there… The possibilities for river running in Northern Mongolia are plentiful and diverse in character and every trip will be an adventure! As always, MRA presents ultimate flexibility to design a custom trip, we can accommodate any special desires or interests.


The trip begins as we drive west out of UB heading to the Chuluut Gol. We’ll stop to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site Orkhon Valley and Kara Korum along the way. The Orkhon Valley has been the center of power for a series of Mongolian Empires over the millennia, culminating in Genghis (Chinggis) Khan’s 13th century capital at Kara Korum. Gaze at the windswept plain and imagine the once great citadel razed to the ground by vengeful Manchurian invaders in the late 14th century. Listening to chants of Buddhist monks, stroll around exquisite Erdene Zuu Khiid, the oldest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia, built in the 16th century from the rubble of Kara Korum. Make camp near the picturesque town of Tsetserleg nesteled in the foothills of the mountains.

Our destination the following day is Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur ‘Great White Lake,’ nestled deep in the heart of the Hangay Nuruu ‘Central Mountains.’ We explore the area by foot, horseback, boat, and jeep by day, and enjoy two nights sleeping in traditional Mongolian gers at the area’s first Eco-ger Camp.

Embarking on the river, we step back in time as we drift through secluded canyons of the Chuluut Gol (Rock River) while it carves its way through the isolated mountains of Central Mongolia for the next week. The fishing is legendary here- this is Taiman country! The campsites are untouched. These areas belong to the wolves and wild boar roaming the forested slopes. We take out at the Many Rivers confluence and head for the next river of our choice- there are 4 classics within a days drive. How much time do you have?!

Bugsei Gol: 60 km, class II, 2 days.
Delger Moron Gol: 76 km, class II, 3 days.
Khanuii Gol: 100 km, class II, 4 days.
Ider Gol: 156 km, class II, 5 days.

...and so on. Amazing Khovsgol Lake is also only a day’s drive to the north. Eventually we’ll catch a flight from Moron back to UB, where we’ll stay one last night before you return home with incredible stories, pictures, and memories.

There are also more rivers to explore with fish, wildlife, and beautiful scenery not far to the east springing from the legendary Khenti Mountains, the birthplace and secret final resting place of the incomparable Chinggis Khaan.

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Region: Khovsgol
Dates: August - September
Trip Length: 17 days
Rapids Class: II / III
Cost: $3500 per person *

* 4 person minimum.

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Mongolia (Jun - Aug): 976 9950 1685
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