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Middle Orkhon Gol Canyon

Middle Orkhon Gol Canyon

Trip Description

Self-support paddle raft and kayak.

This trip has it all. Scenery, wildlife, action, white-water, and good riverside camping. All found in a wonderfully remote river canyon within a days drive from Ulaan Baatar. Travel through the timeless Mongolian countryside to arrive at the longest and most famous river of Mongolia, the Orkhon Gol, just where it begins to carve through the rugged Bulgan Mountains. Wild Mongolia still exists here as the sheer canyon walls ensure the river corridor is untouched by the ubiquitous grazing herds of animals. Catch a glimpse of a shadowy, elusive wolf, or revel in the healthy abundance of waterfowl and raptors. Playful rapids keep it exciting, and the more peaceful parts of the river allow us to relax.

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Day 1: Depart Ulaan Baatar early and go back in time as you enter the Mongol Steppes. After a full day of classic countryside views and numerous historical landmarks, we will camp beneath the stars tonight next to the river near the put-in at Saikhan in Bulgan

Day 2: After breaking camp and rigging boats in the morning, we will launch down Mongolia’s longest river into its remotest canyon. Isolated by high cliff walls, spot unsuspecting wildlife and paddle small rapids. We make our cozy camp riverside that night upstream of the gorge and white-water.

Day 3: After a hearty breakfast we enter the deepest and narrowest part of the canyon for some quick and closely spaced class III rapids. The action lets up as we continue downstream, and after a full day of paddling and scenery, we reunite with the vehicles.

Day 4: Drive back to Ulaan Baatar through the agricultural regions of Bulgan and Erdenet, and arrive back in Ulaan Baatar later that evening.

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Region: Orkhon Gol
Dates: July through August
Trip Length: 4 days
Rapids Class: III
Cost: $750 - $950 per person *

* Cost based on group size.

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