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Khovd Gol

Khovd Gol

Trip Description

Self or vehicle support paddle raft and kayak.

This 3-day river expedition begins in Tavan Bogd National Park at the alpine lake source of the majestic Khovd Gol, western Mongolia’s largest and longest river. Enjoy paddling, hiking, and fishing while floating through small rapids and isolated canyons as the river winds its way north and east out of the mountains. Tribal ethnic diversity and archaeology abound in this historical crossroads of human cultures.


UB services are not included. All R/T in-country flights are included.

Day 1: Catch a morning flight from UB to Olgii and rendezvous with vans at the airport, then drive as far as possible towards the put-in at Hurgan Nuur. Camp along Khovd Gol.

Day 2: Launch from the shores of the breathtaking Hurgan Lake where the current of the Khovd Gol begins and draws us in... After we paddle past the confluence of the rocky Kharatas Gol, we will float through playful class II rapids before stopping to enjoy a comfortable camp!

Day 3: Continuing to float through the first canyon of the Khovd Gol past signs of civilization old and new, we eventually pass the picturesque village of ‘Tsengel’ (joy), before we camp later that day near the confluence where the surreal, glacial milk water of the ‘Tsagaan Gol’ (White River) swell the Khovd Gol.

Day 4: Our final day we will pass through another road-less canyon, taking time to hike at an alluring side canyon before running a technical class III rapid. Rendezvousing with our vehicles later at the mouth of the canyon, we leave the river behind and drive back to Olgii where we will stay in a ger camp.

Day 5: Transport to the Olgii airport and fly back to UB.

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Region: Northern Altai
Dates: mid-June to mid-August
Trip Length: 5 days
Rapids Class: II / III
Cost: $1550 - $2000 per person *

* Cost based on group size.

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Mongolia (Jun - Aug): 976 9950 1685
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