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Chuluut & Suman Rapids

Chuluut & Suman Rapids

Trip Description

Vehicle supported paddle raft and kayak.

Descend the Suman Gol Canyon from its source at Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur’White Lake’, to the confluence with the Chuluut Gol. Run the whitewater in the deepest part of the Chuluut Gol Canyon. Swift current and obstacles in the river require an alert crew. Exciting river adventures woven into the fabric of the nomadic landscape!


To/From the river: The Suman & Chuluut Canyons are located A FULL 2 DAYS drivingtime to the west of Ulaan Baatar deep in the Hangay Nuruu. There are numerous historical and cultural attractions to see along the way. It is possible to fly to/from Tsetserleg and save two days driving time. Please contact our office for more details on transportation to/from the river.

Day 1: Morning pick up at your hotel and drive west across the steppes. Camp near the Tamir River.

Day 2: Continue driving west into the heart of the Hangay Mountains. Camp near beautiful Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (Great White Lake). Stay overnight in Ger Camp.

Day 3: Put-on the Suman River by the village of Tariat, near the river’s source at splendid Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (Great White Lake). Enjoy paddling as the river races along through the pastoral landscape. Meet the vehicles and camp next to the river tonight in a magnificent canyon.

Day 4: Continue paddling down the delightful Suman Gol. The river becomes more playful, with class III white-water, and there are ample, ancient rock art pictures adorning the canyon walls. The most challenging, class IV rapids are located at the very end of the Suman Gol, just before it flows into the Chuluut Gol. Take out above confluence and drive up the Chuluut Gol to find a camp nearer the next days put-in.

Day 5: We descend into the dramatically imposing Upper ‘Chuluut Gol’ (Rock River) Canyon to paddle through class IV white-water. This is a full day of paddling, and while the canyon walls descend and the river mellows over the second half of the day, the Chuluut Gol meanders in giant, lazy “horseshoe” bends and we return to a landscape more conducive to domestic herds of grazing animals again.

Day 6: Morning drive to Kharakhorum. Visit Erdenezuu monastery, One of Mongolia’s best preserved surviving monasteries. Stay overnight in Ger camp.

Day 7: Return to Ulaanbaatar 360 kms across the steppes to the east.

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Region: Chuluut Gol
Dates: mid-July through August
Trip Length: 7 days
Rapids Class: III / IV
Cost: $1500 - $1800 per person *

* Cost based on group size.

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