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Chuluut River Canyon

Chuluut River Canyon

Trip Description

Self-support paddle & oar raft expedition.

A 14-day river expedition on the Chuluut Gol floating 230 kilometers (143miles) through the heart of the remote Hangay Mountain Range. There are numerous historical and cultural attractions to see along the way, and anglers will delight! Experience extremely isolated wilderness where nature welcomes us! There will be no vehicle support for the rafts from the put-in to the take-out, 10 days.


To/From the river: The Chuluut River Canyon Expedition begins A FULL 2 DAYS drive west of Ulaan Baatar at the Suman/Chuluut Gol confluence. Although there are many historical and cultural attractions along the drive to the put-in, it is also possible to fly to Tsetserleg, and save one day of driving time to the river.

The trip ends at the “Many Rivers” area to the north, which is still 2 full driving days back to Ulaan Baatar, or one day of driving to the town of Moron where daily flights go to Ulaan Baatar. Please contact our office for more details on transportation to/from the river.

Day 1: Morning pick up at your hotel and drive west across the steppes. Stay overnight in tent near the Tamir River.

Day 2: Continue driving west into the heart of the Hangay Mountains. Camp near beautiful Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (Great White Lake). Stay overnight in Ger Camp.

Day 3-12: Our expedition on the Chuluut Gol begins a short distance above the confluence with the Suman Gol. After rigging in the morning, we will launch into the wilderness. Get away from it all as we float for 10 days through areas remote even by Mongolian standards. Keep your eyes peeled for wolves and bear and other rarely encountered wildlife. Enjoy the world-class fishing along the Chuluut Gol- renowned for Taiman! Lose yourself in the timelessness of the Mongolian landscape...

Day 13: All good things must come to an end, and after 10 days on the river we take out at ‘Many Rivers,’ an area of converging mountain rivers. After de-rigging the boats we will either drive north to Moron and sleep in a hotel bed tonight, or begin the long drive back to Ulaan Baatar.

Day 14: After breakfast we will visit incredible ‘Deer Stones’ a short drive from town. Take the afternoon flight to UB. Transfer to hotel, enjoy your last night in Mongolia. Stay overnight in hotel.

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Region: Chuluut Gol
Dates: mid-July through August
Trip Length: 14 days
Rapids Class: II / III
Cost: $1900 - $2900 per person *

* Cost based on group size.

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Mongolia (Jun - Aug): 976 9950 1685
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