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Buyant Canyon

Buyant Canyon

Trip Description

This trip features a 3-day self-support white-water expedition through the spectacular, pristine Buyant Canyon! As the river carves through the majestic Altai Mountains, we leave behind roads and people to enter the territory of soaring eagles, gray wolves, snow leopards and argali. Roam among seldom seen archaeological sites. Marvel at captivating landscapes rarely experienced by tourists.


UB services are not included. All R/T in-country flights are included.

Day 1: Catch the flight from UB to Khovd and rendezvous with vans at the airport, then drive into the wilderness of the Altai Mountains. Camp tonight.

Day 2: Rig the boats and launch where the roads end and the mountains begin at the beginning of the impressive Buyant Canyon. Fully loaded boats in the swift current require us to paddle skillfully and hard at times. Camp along the river in one of the most isolated places on earth!

Day 3: Continue maneuvering the boats through class III rapids as the river winds it’s way east through the Tolkien-esque mountains.

Day 4: Leave the high, enclosing walls of the Buyant Canyon behind, and gracefully float into a charming nomadic landscape. Take-out in the afternoon and camp near Khovd.

Day 5: Return to Khovd by van and catch the flight back to UB.

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Region: Southern Altai
Dates: Mid-June to Early July
Trip Length: 5 days
Rapids Class: III
Cost: $1450 - $1950 per person *

* Cost based on group size.

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Mongolia (Jun - Aug): 976 9950 1685
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