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Bulgan & Turgan Rapids

Bulgan & Turgan Rapids

Trip Description

A packed itinerary full of action and adventure! Explore places of extraordinary beauty and rarely seen wildlife- places where other tourists rarely go. Be among the first to raft or kayak the remote, magnificent Bulgan River Canyon. Then embrace the adventure and whitewater of the rapid filled Turgan River.

Vehicle support, paddle raft, and kayak.


UB services are not included. All R/T in-country flights are included.

Day 1: Catch a morning flight from UB to Khovd and rendezvous with vans at the airport, then drive into the wilderness of the Altai Mountains. Camp tonight.

Day 2: Continue driving to the river past Bulgan town. Camp near the Turgan/Bulgan confluence put-in. Rig the boats for launch the next day.

Day 3: Launch for a shakedown run on the Bulgan Gol through the easier section of the upper canyon in the morning, then take on the faster current and rapids of the lower Bulgan Gol Canyon.

Day 4: The first half of the day we drive up the amazing Turgan Gol valley taking time to hike and scout. Camp in paradise.

Day 5: Put-on and run the action-filled class III – IV Turgan River to the confluence with the Bulgan Gol. Take-out and camp (or drive north towards the Buyant Gol Canyon!).

Day 6: Return to Khovd by van and sleep in a ger camp tonight.

Day 7: Catch the flight back to UB.

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Region: Southern Altai
Dates: Mid-June to Early July
Trip Length: 7 days
Rapids Class: III / IV
Cost: $1500 - $2000 per person *

* Cost based on group size.

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Mongolia (Jun - Aug): 976 9950 1685
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